Mid-Michigan PUG Club
Rescue Program Adoption Application

5165 Pettis NE
Belmont, Mi 49306

Questions on adoption fees. Gwynne Turner - adoptpugs@hotmail.com

NOTE: The purpose of this application is not to make adopting a pug difficult, but rather to ensure that the right person is chosen for the right pug. We invest so much time, energy, money and love into rehabilitating pugs that we feel very strongly about being completely thorough with our applications. Thank you for your understanding. Please answer each questions completely. If a question does not apply to you, indicate so.
Puppies - one year $400
2-3 years $350
4-7 years $250
8 or more years $150

WARNING: Invalid email address will cause form to fail to send.

MMPC will only use email to contact in regard to pug adoptions.
First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell Phone
How did you find us?
If renting please send copy of lease agreement showing pets allowed.
Fenced-in Yard?
Water Features
How long have you lived at current residence?
Planning to move in next 6 Months?
What will you do with the pug if you do move?
How many people will be living in the home with pug?
Does everyone in the family agree to having the pug?
Would you agree to a home visit?
Does anyone have any allergies to dog hair?
Does anyone have a problem with snoring?
List the other pets that will be living in the home with pug?
List the other pets that you have had in the last 5 years.
Have you ever given a pet to a shelter or someone else?
Have you been convicted or accused of animal cruelty or abuse?
What if the PUG does not get along with other animals present in home?
Veterinarian's Name
Vet's Address
Vet's City
Vet's State
Vet's Zip
Vet's Phone
Will you keep the pug indoors?
Will you use heartworm preventative medication?
What brand?
How long of an adjustment period will you allow?
How will you correct the pug?
How will you confine pug when you aren't home?
How much time each day will the pug be alone?
Will you leash train the pug?
What will you do if the pug is lost?
Do you realize pugs over heat easily?
Is your home arranged to keep a curious pug from getting into poisons or other dangers?
How would you react if a pug chewed a personal item?
What eye care will your pug receive?
How much per year will you be willing to spend on your pug's health care?
What will you feed your pug?
Do you realize a PUG, like a child, is a lifelong commitment and not a passing whim?
Why do you want a pug?
Please indicate which of these you might have experience with along with details.
Please select preferences for your choice of pug.
If you are applying for a specific pug, enter pug's name here.
Would you accept a handicapped or disabled pug
List three personal references with phone numbers. All will be contacted.
Name Phone
Name Phone
Name Phone
When completed form will be emailed to Gwynne Turner, adoptpugs@hotmail.com when submit button is pushed. The form can also be mailed to:
Mid-Michigan Pug Club, Inc.
For the Love of Pugs
5165 Pettis NE
Belmont, MI 49306
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gwynne Turner by email adoptpugs@hotmail.com.
If you are approved, and a PUG is placed with you, please be aware that you will be contacted periodically to assess how you and your PUG are adjusting to each other and to help with any problems you may be experiencing. Please also note that you will be required to sign a legal, binding, adoption contract before you receive your PUG. We appreciate your interest in our pugs.

Gwynne Turner